A short stop-motion film about the growing friendship between a young boy and the homeless woman he passes on the street every day. I got the inspiration for the narrative while in Krakow, Poland, after seeing a little girl give all her money to an old homeless lady. This lead me to design each building of the set to look like stylised versions of real buildings in Krakow. As well as writing, directing, animating, filming, lighting, and editing the film, I also built everything you see in this film from scratch, from the street lamps right down to the doorknobs. The entire film took around 3 months to create and is my first stop-motion film.


This is the rough storyboard animatic I created during the planning stages of my stop-motion film, Babushka.

Animator: Alice-Rose Parker

Composer: James Fawcett

Sound Designer: Jacopo Consonni